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"Whenever Gabriel the great magician commands "Presto Magico," a small disaster occurs….

Marshall evokes gentle humor in this tale of a very believable little boy whose infatuation with a new toy leads to overzealous enthusiasm followed by remorse and creative atonement…."

Kirkus Reviews


The Mitzvah Magician

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator  Christiane Engel

Publisher ‎ KarBen/Lerner

August 1, 2012

ISBN-10: 0761352163

ISBN-13: 978-0761356554

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Kar-Ben Publishing features

The Mitzvah Magician on their blog HERE!



"One-wish, two-wish, Jew-wish!"

Gabriel's magic wand gets him into trouble around the house, until he learns that the greatest magician is a Mitzvah Magician, using his powers to do good deeds.

"When I was writing “The Mitzvah Magician,” Gabriel’s magic words – One wish! Two wish! Jew-wish! – came to me all of a sudden…as if by MAGIC!"


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