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“A rollicking reassurance that school will be fun.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“…a good introduction for kids who are preparing to enter kindergarten…”—Booklist


“…an encouraging vision of the opportunities kindergarten has to offer.”—Publisher's Weekly

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*Also available in French Vive la maternelle!

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Kindergarten Is Cool!

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator Chris Chatterton
Publisher ‎ Scholastic

June 28th 2016

ISBN-10:  0545652669

ISBN-13: 978-0545652667

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When you wake up for school

you'll get dressed, really cool

with your sneakers and socks

and your lunch in a box . . .


Kindergarten's begun.

Big kids say that it's fun.

But is that really true?

Will it be fun . . . for you?


Celebrate all the familiar milestones and moments shared by every kid entering kindergarten in this charming second-person narrative. Whether it's early-morning jitters or becoming familiar with new classroom routines, this sweet and bouncy story will have expectant kindergarteners saying, "Kindergarten is cool!"

Two of my favorite five-year-olds were getting ready to start kindergarten when - oops! I realized I hadn’t done anything to help them celebrate. Oh, no! What could I do? I thought…and thought…and, at last, I wrote a story - for them and all new kindergartners, everywhere. I knew it was a good story when, after their first day of school, they both told me, "Wow! Kindergarten IS cool!”   


Linda Marshall Kindergarten
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