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Can sewing make magic?

Yes, if it’s done by kind-hearted Grandma Rose.

A well-stitched tale about generosity for people of all faiths.

—Kirkus Reviews

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*Also available in Spanish La magia de la abuela Rose


Grandma Rose’s Magic

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator Ag Jatkowska

Publisher ‎ KarBen/Lerner

January 1, 2012

ISBN-10: 0761352163

ISBN-13: 978-0761352167

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Every day Grandma Rose sews and saves – for beautiful dishes with pink and red roses and blue trim. Whenever she sews, something magical happens. A tale of generosity rewarded.

“My Grandma Rose really did sew and she really did save. She made beautiful things…and she made a lot of people very happy. I’m so glad to share her story.



Grandma Rose and the

dishes she saved for.

Grandma Rose's Magic - Interior.jpg
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