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"...lilting, vaguely Seussian singsong rhymes that fly across the pages along with the mysterious ziz...The work begs to be read aloud—or, better yet, together—and the large print with a smattering of italics provides cues for fun-filled interpretations. Sweet and delightful and totally charming.”

—Kirkus Reviews



Have You Ever Zeen a Ziz?

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator Kyle Reed

Publisher ‎ Albert Whitman & Company

ISBN-10: 0807531731

ISBN-13: 978-0807531730

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The Ziz is a bird that sings, puts on shows, and has the ability to block out the sun with its wings. This absurd and quirky tale about the mythological Ziz will have readers everywhere searching the skies for one. Told in rhyme, this humorous story is perfect for reading out loud.

Have You Ever Zeen a Ziz - Interior -Kyle Reed .png
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