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Reviews and Praise

World Magazine's Picture Book of the Year 2020


"The life of the British picture-book author and illustrator makes a serendipitous subject for an engaging and attractive picture book...A well-told tale that makes the life story of the renowned author accessible to children."

—Kirkus Reviews


"An exceptionally accurate portrait of Beatrix Potter told with humor and surprise. Beautifully done." Linda Lear, author of Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature


"Empowering and fresh."—School Library Journal


"...appealing picture book..."—Booklist


"An attractive introduction to an iconic creator."—Publisher's Weekly


"Fans of Beatrix Potter will delight in this tribute to her dedication and talent, encapsulating a legacy that reaches far beyond the pages of her beloved books."—Foreword Reviews, STARRED review


*Also available in French, Korean, Chinese and Italian


Saving the Countryside

The Story of Beatrix Potter

and Peter Rabbit

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator Ilaria Urbinati

Publisher ‎ Little Bee Books

ISBN-10: 1499809603

ISBN-13: 978-1499809602

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Through she's universally known as the creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter did so much more. This is the true story about how she helped save the English countryside!


Growing up in London, Beatrix Potter felt the restraints of Victorian times. Girls didn't go to school and weren't expected to work. But she longed to do something important, something that truly mattered. As Beatrix spent her summers in the country and found inspiration in nature, it was through this passion that her creativity flourished.


There, she crafted The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She would eventually move to the countryside full-time, but developers sought to change the land. To save it, Beatrix used the money from the success of her books and bought acres and acres of land and farms to prevent the development of the countryside that both she and Peter Rabbit so cherished. Because of her efforts, it's been preserved just as she left it.

This beautiful picture book shines a light on Beatrix Potter's lesser-known history and her desire to do something for the greater good.

Saving the Countryside - Ilaria Urbinati

“Truth is...I hadn't known what an extraordinary woman Beatrix Potter was…

Then I took a children’s literary ramble through England...And WOW! I just had to share her remarkable story. AMAZING!"    


(Left) Letters that Beatrix Potter wrote that eventually became Peter Rabbit. (Center) Linda, having tea in BEATRIX POTTER'S HOUSE (Castle Cottage, Near Sawrey, England) (Right) Photo of the English countryside taken on Linda’s trip.

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