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Reviews and Praise


"...narrated by the dog in first, er, person in simple and sweet prose... it also SAAA; 'ASDLF nicely stands in for many young readers/listeners who may have become new older siblings themselves.

The colorful, cartoony illustrations are lively and expressive.”

—Kirkus Reviews


"...told from the canine’s point of view, this book has plenty of READ-ALOUD appeal"—School Library Journal

Teaching Guide:

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Mommy, Baby and Me.jpeg

Mommy, Baby and Me

Author Linda Elovitz Marshall
Illustrator Ged Adamson

Publisher ‎ Peter Pauper Press

ISBN-10: 1441322388

ISBN-13: 978-1441322388

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by the Adirondack Center for Writing



A long time ago, it was just Mommy and me. We were very good friends. We did everything together. It was very nice. But then . . . things changed. This poor dog’s world gets turned upside-down when his owner brings home a baby. How will he adjust to this two-legged, furless creature who is hogging all the attention?

Mommy Baby and Me - art
Book of the Year 2017 - Adirondack Center for Writing
Linda Marshall.png

A very special dog (she knows who she is) inspired this book. It took a long time but, at last, that dog figured out that Mommy and Daddy got Baby for HER! How sweet!    


Mommy Baby and Me - Interior -Adamson
Linda Marsha and her dog
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